New Terrariums

Several new terrariums for bright light environment…

New Terrariums September 2012

Terrarium with three mushrooms

This is very temporary terrarium. It has three small mushrooms. I do not think they will live long, maybe other couple days. I plan to put something different as substitution, more permanent :]

Terrarium – 3 Small Mushrooms :]

Macodes petola

Even though I planned [and promised] to write about Maculinea butterflies, let me put this post first. I just got Macodes petola or Jewel Orchid in my mail box. The plant is beautiful with all these tender gold veins on the leaves… It was damaged – the top leaf [the very new one] was pinched and dried off. Now I worry if the plant will survive. The bottom leaves are seemed rigid, but those on the top are slightly drooped.

Macodes petola from Curtis’s Botanical Magazine, 1889, vol. 115 (Ser. 3 no. 45) pl. 7037