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Making more terrariums.

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Working Through My Blues: An Inspiration Board

Love blue. No, not like this, I LOVE BLUE 😀

Hello color lovers!

If you’ve been around this blog for a while you know that I kind of don’t love blue.  I know I am probably the only person alive that feels this way, but it’s just the way I am!  However, I’m getting better.  I’m learning to appreciate blue and I actually think I have discovered why blue is so difficult for me!  It is such an incredibly common color, and it is so fundamental in color theory, that, as an artist, the shade has to be exactly correct for whatever I imagine.  A slight variation (too yellow, to red, to light, to dark, to muddy, to clear………) will annoy me to no end.

I’m cursed!


To refresh myself, I found several pieces of art and design that got that “perfect” shade of blue spot on.  I could look at these pieces all day!  Check out the links…

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Birth of a book

Looking for Natural History Illustrations?

BHL is one of the greatest resources I ever seen for Botanical Illustration Books, etc. The navigation system is not very comfortable though, but straggling is worth it :))

Workshop was strange…

but ocean was as usual…. INFINITE!

From Ancient Times in the Ocean

Teaching @ University

Last week I was on a few workshops about teaching strategies @ University. I have rich experience in mentoring students at all levels starting from freshmen and finishing pre-doctoral-thesis graduate students who spent all of the time writing their PhD thesis but I was never teaching before. Boy, I wish I would stay where I was…

It seems to me that the main idea of teaching @ University level (undergrads at least) is engagement. ‘Engagement’ is a key word for everything. Like panacea for terminally ill patient, engagement is the ray of hope for modern higher education system and, I believe, not only higher education. Even thinking about it makes me nauseous…

First of all, why should I treat students like toddlers and seek their attention through this ‘engagement’? I was honestly thinking I am at University, we are all adults. I am ready to treat students with respect they deserved, provide information, insight, answers they might seek, but why would I engage them into artificial relationships with science? Why would I force them to learn something they do not want to learn or not ready to learn, or not interested in learning?

Second, this ‘engagement’ itself substitute active learning which usually based on vivid interest in subject by passive learning through activation of some sort of brain activity and long-term memory. This is, basically, the main goal of ‘engagement’ – to make the passive learners from the students, to trick them into learning, to lure them into knowing something through ‘flash-cards, round tables’ and other bull-shit.
 I am sorry, but it does not fit into my personal values!

My question is – why nobody is talking about real issues in education? Why everybody is focused on teaching excellence, schools supplies and other non-directly related things while the real staff is out of discussion?


I plan to dedicate this blog to my [major] passions: botany and entomology, infographics, history of science, and many other things if I find them interesting. I also will keep the track of my life in science and what it takes to be a scientist in the modern [cruel] world. I have tons of [pet] project which cry loudly for my attention.

Even though it might sound like oxymoron, I hope this blog will help me to stay focused.

One more thing – As a true hoarder I collect interesting [artifacts] things and dump the links and staff in one place. I think this will be THE place…