Nani gigantum humeris insidentes

We are all standing on the shoulders of giants… The other day I have ‘added’ one more Giant. I have won DeLill Nasser Award for Professional Development in Genetics.

The Genetics Society of America established the award in 2001 to support travel costs for young geneticists to attend national and international meetings and enroll in laboratory courses. The honor is named for longtime GSA member and former National Science Foundation program director in eukaryotic genetics, Dr. DeLill Nasser. Dr. Nasser, who died in 2000, was at NSF for more than 22 years and was considered the “patron saint” of genetics and friend of many geneticists. She championed the funding of the genomic sequencing of Arabidopsis and research in Drosophila. Founded in 1931, the GSA is a professional membership organization for geneticists and science educators. Its more than 4,000 members work to advance knowledge in the basic mechanisms of inheritance, from the molecular to the population level.

To have such a prestigious award is not only huge honor  for me but also serious responsibility.

Workshop: the DNA Reactions and DNA/Chromosome Dynamics

I am going to go to the DNA Reactions and DNA/Chromosome Dynamics Workshop tomorrow (Woods Hole, MA). Whole Labor Day weekend was spent for poster preparation. I am more or less satisfied by the result. However, on Tuesday I have had two variants: (i) in color; (ii) in red-black-grey colors. Whole group voted for colorful variant, but my heart (brain, liver and kidney) with the second one.

I think red-black-grey variant was aesthetically superior.

Anyway, colorful poster is printed and folded. Ready to go!

(i) colorful variant

(ii) red-black-grey variant