Working Through My Blues: An Inspiration Board

Love blue. No, not like this, I LOVE BLUE 😀

Hello color lovers!

If you’ve been around this blog for a while you know that I kind of don’t love blue.  I know I am probably the only person alive that feels this way, but it’s just the way I am!  However, I’m getting better.  I’m learning to appreciate blue and I actually think I have discovered why blue is so difficult for me!  It is such an incredibly common color, and it is so fundamental in color theory, that, as an artist, the shade has to be exactly correct for whatever I imagine.  A slight variation (too yellow, to red, to light, to dark, to muddy, to clear………) will annoy me to no end.

I’m cursed!


To refresh myself, I found several pieces of art and design that got that “perfect” shade of blue spot on.  I could look at these pieces all day!  Check out the links…

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